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Lassalian Formation 2015

2015-11-23 07:28:32 - Posted by admin - Hits : 1529 Lassalian Formation 2015

Lassalian Formation is one of the university regular activities that allow new students to gain thorough understanding about Lassalian Spirituality: the mission and spirit of Lassalle education as well as the spirit of God. These students are intensively introduced to the core values of a Lassalian. Thus, they are systematically and intensively guided to the understanding of what Faith, Service and Community (FSC) are from the perspective of a Lassalian, why they need to understand these values, how to be a true Lassalian in a sense that others can recognize their Lassalian identities from their behaviors and services to others in their families, faculty/university and community activities. Importantly, this activity also enables students to promote togetherness by facilitating them to associate with other Lassalians within and outside the university.

This program was held from 8-11 October 2015, in Wisma Lorenzo Lotta.  Three hundred and seventy new students from four faculties have participated in the Lassalian Formation 2015.  They are from the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Tourism and the Faculty of Agribusiness. New students from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics will be participating in the second semester of the 2015/2016 academic year.  The program were mainly facilitated by Bro Rey Enrico Mejias, FSC.  Some senior students from the YLC (Youth Lassalian Corps) and lecturers from the Signum Fidei were also involved in this program.  The program was consisted of interactive activities between the facilitators and the participants as well as among the participants themselves. Findings from post-activity evaluation indicated that this program has assisted students to have better understanding of Faith, Service and Community (FSC). 

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