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Glorious Patron

La Salle's Song

La Salle's Song
La Salle's Song

Glorious Patron

Glorious Patron, low before thee

Kneel thy sons with hearts a flame;

And our voices blend in music

Singing praises to thy name

Saint John Baptist, glorious patron,

Saint we sound thy fame.


Lover of our Queen and Mother,

Thou to her didst vow thy heart;

Earth and all its joys forsaking,

Thou didst choose the better part

Saint La Salle our glorious Father,

Pierce our souls with love’s own dart


Model of the Christian teacher,

Patron of the Christian youth;

Lead us all to heights of glory

As we strive in earnest truth

Saint La Salle thy ways to follow,

Help us in thy gentle truth.


In this life of sin and sorrow,

Saint La Salle, oh, guide our way;

In the hour of dark temptation

Father, be our spirit’s stay.

Take our hand and lead us homeward,

Saint La Salle to heaven’s bright day.